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What is a Collection?

A Collection is made up of One Floor Plan Layout with Multiple Exterior Options! 

One Storey/Walk-Out Collections

The Vineyard Floor Plan collection offers five (5) diffrent exteriors. These include: Modern Contemporary, Clean Line Modern, Euro Modern, Transitioanal and Butterfly
The Hollywood collection offers a luxurious floor plan with two (2) show stopping exteriors.
The Illumination Collection offers four (4) exteriors from one common floor plan.
The Deciduous Collection Feature has a range of exteriors including Modern Contemporary and Farmhouse

Two Storey Collections

The Brook is a best seller. Offering both contemporary and farmhouse style exteriors. Flexible age in place floor plan.
Four amazing exteriors devoted to this open concept family house plan.

Walk-Up Collections

The Escarpment Collection - Walk-Up brings living and views to the upper floor. Contemporary exterior and great curb appeal makes this house a best seller.
The Prestige Collection - Walk-Up has a stately expression. Featuring large windows to take in the views
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