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Additional Options to Your Uprise House Plans

DWG Format - Receive your construction documents in the DWG format, for an additional fee, with the purchase of your Uprise House Plan.  The DWG format file is sold strictly for changes to the plan and compliance to any building code requirements.  The release of this file is not for the re-use of the plan.  Plans cannot be copied or reproduced by any means unless specifically previously authorized in writing by Uprise.  

Rendering - A high-resolution, billboard quality rendering is available for select designs.  This image is available in JPG format and is available for an additional fee when purchasing the correlating Uprise House Plan.  Uprise House Plans renderings are a minimum of 5MB file size. If a mirror plan is purchased with the rendering, the rendering image will be provided mirrored.  The Uprise House Plan name and logo must always remain visible on the rendering, whether used for personal, business or marketing purposes.


Reverse Plans - These plans have all of the text readable and is a mirror image of the presentation on the plan information sheet.  This option is available for an additional fee.  If you select the Reverse Plan, any other purchases made, including the construction documents, the plans in DWG format, and the rendering, will all be provided mirrored from the website’s presentation.

Site Plan - If you have selected and purchased the Site Plan option, we require all necessary site information before we can begin to complete the site plan and add it to your construction document package.  Your construction document package will be emailed within the given timeline, and the site plan will be emailed within 1-2 business days of receiving all required site information.  This information must be emailed to  Please reference ‘Site Plan Requirements’ under the Services tab to ensure you can provide the required information.  Please make sure that the house plan purchased does fit within all lot setbacks and any restrictions on the land before purchasing.  All purchases are non-refundable.  Plan revisions are offered at an hourly rate.

Marketing Package - The Marketing Package option includes 2 - 11x17 sheets provided in PDF Format on an Uprise House Plans title block.  These sheets can be previewed on each design in the Shop.  The first sheet displays 2 black and white perspectives of the home, typically the front and the back.  The second sheet displays the floor plans with room dimensions, floor area, and the width/depth of the home. This marketing package is great for builders and real estate agents looking to pre-sell a house build.

Basement Options - The basement options may vary based on design provided.  If you require a different basement option than the one provided, please fill out the Plan Change Request Form and receive a free quote from Uprise House Plans for this revision.  You can find this request form in the Services section and select 'Plan Changes'.

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